Borussia — Vuole Ballare feat. Malvina

EP artwork + video
Released on Ed Banger Records


Directed by Jade Roche
Produced by Partizan


Executive producer: Stan Bertin
Production manager: Auguste Bas & Pierre Signoret
Stage manager: Louve Dubuc-Babinet
Production assistant: Sacha Ioan
Director of Photography: Julien Teissier
1st Assistant DP: Pierre-Valentin Ferdani
2nd Assistant DP: Andres Gomez
1st Assistant director: Clara Mulot
2nd Assistant director: Raphaël Vinchon
Production designer: Hugo Chapelon
Assistant production designer: Maxime Faure
Chief electrical officer: Prescilla Brot
Electrician: Garry Lecluse
Chief machinist: Robin Gaillard
Make-up and hairstyle: Sidney Billon
Editing and colorgrading: Maël Lenoir
Graphic designer #1: Titouan Harel
Graphic designer #2: Karim Ansel
Graphic designer #3: Alexandre Philipps
Cheffe: Marie Clément
Cheffe Double and recipes: Marlène Muller
Borussia: Borussia

Many thanks to Pedro Winter, Philippe Guillemain (RVZ), Ôna Maiocco, Thierry Labille

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